windows require an oil-based primer. it's been a while since i've painted with oil but that familiar gasoline smell when i tapped open the can was nostalgic. the odor quickly filled the house. since i taped the windows yesterday it was definitely a lot easier to paint. window frames first, expanding ever outwards, with the windowsill being last. my father and i primed the windows at both ends of the living room as well as the fireplace. the clean up is the hard part: unlike latex paint which can be washed off with just water, oil paint requires a chemical cleanup. paint thinner is not only poisonous, but the fumes can be intoxicating and i found myself a bit light-headed even though i was well ventilated.

now that the windows have been primed, we can paint the (final) topcoat tomorrow. after the weekend, we'll start colorizing the walls. with a two coat application, the living room will most likely be done by next wednesday (that means moving the furniture back). one room down, 6 more to go!

now that the sunflowers are out, the only other thing i'm waiting to see in the garden is how the tomatillos are going to turn out. since they're hidden inside of those balloons, it's hard to gauge their progress. i squeezed one of them, felt a tomatillo fruit the size of a gumball inside.

my family came over to my place for dinner. with their dining area currently a work in progress, my place is now more than ever the venue for family dinners. they brought over lamp chops while i cooked up some chili sweet potato fries.

last night i continued tinkering with my KRZR cell phone. i successfully converted some short mp3 clips into ringtones and made a custom desktop image. i also swapped out the verizon intro and outro animations with my own (they're simple animated gif files). weird thing is i couldn't find where the phone stored the mp3 songs i uploaded, even though they're definitely in there. next on the agenda: creating my own themes.