new neighbors

i couldn't find anymore fruitworms in my garden. i did remove those two damaged tomatoes (each the size of golf balls) and cut them open to see if there was anything hiding inside but they were both empty. i noticed a funnel-web grass spider had built a home on the plant that had the damaged tomatoes. maybe it eats caterpillars. i couldn't find any tomato fruitworm eggs either, but in the tangled mess of branches and leaves it's pretty impossible to find anything.

on my way back from getting some gas for my bike (hess self-service gas station; i don't need my fuel pumping technique to be critiqued like last time) i decided to swing by market basket and get some groceries. i should've known it was a bad idea when i couldn't find any parking. i watched two hispanic men almost get into a fight over a parking spot, shouting obscenities at each other in spanish. walking into the supermarket, i saw the long lines and decided to come back tomorrow, when it's less busy.

later i went to microcenter to look for a small camera case for my mother. i found a nice red case logic pouch ($10) that was the exact dimension as her camera. this place was crowded as well, with just two cashiers and 10+ customers deep per line. i stood behind a tall foreign kid in a hawaiian shirt who yawned loudly. afterwards i wanted to get some stuff from trader joe's but decided against it for fear of being stuck in another long line. i went to the cafe to show my mother the camera case but she didn't like it, thought it was too small.

rest of the day was about cleaning in celebration of labor day. i brought up all my painting equipment from the basement. i watered the backyard. i cleaned some windows. and i did a water change on two of my fish tanks (thick algae was starting to build up on the glass). for dinner i had some salmon steak while my neighbor's next door had a couple's cookout featuring a mesquite smoker that filled my bedroom with the smell of barbecue.

the roller coaster ride that is the red sox regular season continues: just when i thought they lost their mojo after being swept by the yankees last week, the red sox have gone on a recent winning streak while the yankees have done the exact opposite and being losing their games. not only losing, but losing to supposedly bad teams. included with the red sox recent win streak is also that historical-emotional no-hitter that seems to be the talk of the baseball world. now the yankees are back to 7 games behind the red sox.