i've been doing a lot of online shopping recently. nothing big, just a few bucks here, a few bucks there. i love getting packages in the mail, it's the best. today my memory card reader arrived. little did i realize but that thing was tiny. it wasn't able to read my 4gb compact flash card but it did read my 1gb CF card without any problems. also waiting on the doorstep (too big to fit through the mail slot) was a PCI USB 2.0 card for my father's aging G4 desktop machine. the specifications didn't say anything about whether it was mac compatible but the $9 price tag with free shipping was too good to pass up.

i spent the early half of the day designing logos for my uncle willy's new company (they make CCD cameras). since he's in california, my late schedule was actually pretty early for west coast time. my aunt caroline contacted me about the project on tuesday; it actually felt pretty good getting back to some design work. mysteriously, my grandmother - who's now back in california - got in touch with my yesterday with a few pointers about the project. "design more than one logo, so they can pick and choose," she told me. i probably had 18 different logos at that point.

the middle of the afternoon i was caught up in the red sox game. i only left to do something else when the game appeared to be over in the late innings with the yankees up 5-0. i ran out of kleenex (hay fever, got nothing to do with baseball) and walked to the dollar store to get a few more boxes.

in the early evening my parents came by to finish the rest of my burgers. first we paid a visit to my garden where they took half a dozen red tomatoes the size of softballs. we also had some late season golden raspberries. my mother was wandering around taking photos with her new camera.

after they left, i went online and ordered a few more items: an usb hub and some camera batteries.