i caught the 11am matinee of superbad at boston common this morning. i was the first person in the theatre but eventually about 2 dozen showed up. the first thing you have to know about superbad is its absolutely filthy. not so much in terms of nudity (the only naked breasts you see are on a cover of an adult magazine and some internet porn early in the film) but the language. it's been a long time since i've heard foul language of that calibre, like the shakespeare of cursing. it's disorienting at first but true to the characters and the story itself, and after a while you become desensitized to it. if you've seen the trailers, you already know that superbad is funny. i'm happy to report that the rest of the movie does not disappoint. the characters and the situations they get themselves into are so priceless, i really wonder if the studio will consider doing a sequel because there's more laughs to be milked.

after the movie i wandered chinatown a bit before visiting ming's market for some groceries. returning to cambridge i made a stop at the cafe to get some lunch.

my parents tried cooking with the bhut jolokia peppers they have growing but they were surprised at the lack of hotness. in past years they had to wear gloves just to work with these peppers, but for some reason this year's crop are very mild. maybe they just got a few duds and hopefully the ones later in the season will be hotter.

i visited my garden to do some watering...

in the evening my parents came over to try out the barbecued ribs i made last night. even though they thought it was a bit salty, they both seemed to like it. as for me, with the smells from yesterday still fresh in my mind, i had no appetite for ribs. i burned some movies onto a dvd for my parents to take home with them.

gagne - you suck!