not that i was crying before, but it felt nice to finally deposit a chunk of change into my bank account. it seemed to take forever to input all those numbers into the ATM. in less than 30 seconds though, i was just a little bit richer than i was yesterday. looking at the check, i noticed the date: it was actually made out 2 weeks ago, but for some reason i'm only getting it now. i'm not complaining though, it's always nice to get paid, whether early or late.

the corner ATM is just a block away from the community garden so i was able to kill two birds with one stone and get some watering done as well. i managed to pull off two red tomatoes this time. i wouldn't say i have a tomato factory yet, but there are enough green tomatoes of the proper size to makes me excited about the possibility. i fluffed up my rosemary shrub, making sure the morning glory vines weren't choking it to death. i pulled off some more flowers from my basils to force them to make more leaves. i discovered some more ripened golden raspberries and ate them while i inspected my garden.

my father was heading out to market basket and i tagged along because i needed to get some large items. before we went though, i brought him to the community garden and showed him my plot (he'd never been there before). we managed to eat some more raspberries before leaving. in the evening my mother brought along my grandmother and aunt for dinner. originally i was going to make something, but with my lack of cooking skills and propensity for food poisoning (i kid!) we ordered pizza from topspeed instead. they asked about the SUV with the broken window and when i went outside to look, the window had been fixed! there's still shattered glass all over the sidewalk, and if they were responsible neighbors they'd maybe clean that up otherwise their window might mysteriously shatter again.

later in the evening, after my family left and i was preparing for bed, i went to turn off the lights on my aquariums. to my horror, there was yet another dead male guppy. i'm no fish CSI detective but it looks like he'd been dead for at least a few days because all the colors were drained out. i'm just not sure what's going on inside that male guppy tank. why have there been so many deaths yet none of my other fish are dying? maybe i'll do a pH test tomorrow, maybe sure it's not something wrong with the water chemistry.