even after the battery went dead on my alarm clock (slash cellphone) i still managed to wake up around 10am this morning; although that's less a testimonial to my amazing internal biological clock and more a tribute to my inconveniently small bladder, since i woke up really just to use the bathroom. these hot and humid days are making it hard for me to sleep and i felt too sticky and warm to go back to bed so instead i jumped into the shower to cool off. i actually did a spot of work today, some code fixes for client S, some of the changes i made 2 weeks ago were accidently written over.

after i was done i went down to chinatown to get some lunch and buy some groceries. i got some takeout from the chinatown cafe, R45 salt and pepper pork cutlet with rice (the usual), then visited no less than 3 different asian supermarkets: ming's market, super 88, and china supermarket. i haven't been to the super 88 in chinatown in a long time and the place looks to be in bad shape, with very little customers, empty aisles, and one only register opened. the main reason why i stopped patronizing was their stuff was more expensive; now with some many other super markets in the chinatown area, super 88 just can't compete anymore. the one in allston is still safe because they get a lot of BU students, but i wouldn't be surprised if the chinatown store closed its doors.

my mother called me to ask if i got caught in the rain; apparently there was some serious rain action back in cambridge, but i just happened to skirt its. coming back however on storrow drive, the roads were all wet and i got a faceful of dirty rain water. i stopped by the cafe to eat my lunch before returning home.

soon afterwards the rainstorm i missed came back again. there was some serious torrential downpours, the kind that made me nervous and go around the house closing all the windows, which naturally made the inside of my place even hotter than normal. i watched at my motorcycle parked outside seemed to be slowly swallowed by the flood of rain water building up by the curb. the storm meant one thing though: i didn't have to water the gardens.

i wrote a note to my upstairs neighbors this morning. i seem to be doing a lot of notewriting these days. apparently they plunked the last of the hydrangea flowers growing in the backyard. i asked them about it and wondered in the future if they could leave the flowers on plant for just a bit longer, instead of selfishly hoarding these beautiful blue blossoms to themselves (i didn't mention that last part). it's too late now anyway since there aren't anymore blossoms left (my neighbors cut them all), but at least i'm going on the record and saying something about it, so it won't happen again next year.

did some online shopping tonight: ordered a dvd player for my great uncle and another usb pen drive (4gb this time, $30). i also finally got a wedding present for andrew and maura, just a gift certificate from an online store.

and when did google map get all isometric on us? so far it seems like they only have transparent 3D buildings in the cities, but i think it's a pretty cool detail.