not bad for a sunday: i basically did nothing except buy a small 14" television off of craig's list and then went to belmont to wash the motorcycle.

i woke up surprisingly free of pain, despite the 5 hours of canoe paddling yesterday. just the faintest hint of shoulder aches and i can't fully twist my right arm to reach the top of my back (it's not a move i perform often, so no harm no foul). maybe i wasn't as out of shape as i thought or maybe paddling isn't as strenuous as it seems.

i bought the flatscreen samsung television from a korean graduate student returning home to asia. originally he asked for $60, but slashed the price down to $25 since he's leaving tomorrow. he lived at one of those new high rise condominiums in cambridgeport, on sidney street. at first i thought it was some posh student housing for MIT grads, with a nice lounge area and a security doorman, but turns out anyone can live there (anyone with $$$ that is). instead of keys, the doors used security cards, like in hotels. even from the 2nd floor there was an amazing view of cambridge and a well-manicured public space down below. i came home and set up the television in the guest bedroom, then spent an hour watching the godfather and nigella lawson while eating some cereal for lunch. now i have a third place to watch tv, when i get sick of watching it in my bedroom or the living room. plus: if i'm so inclined, i can snake a coaxial cable into the bathroom and watch tv in the tub. don't worry, i don't plan on electrocuting myself.

around 6pm i went to belmont to return the car. since there was still plenty of daylight, i took the opportunity to wash the motorcycle. my parents came back from a weekend of vermont camping and drove me back to cambridge (i left the motorcycle in belmont, didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting another ticket). we had dinner at zoe's, before they went next door to buy some groceries.

a hard rest of the night for me: i've got some code to tweak and upload for the client. i'm not sure if i did everything right, but once it's up, i can enjoy a bit of post-delivery high, at least until the bug report comes back.