it is tuesday and it is hot. 95 degrees hot. in lieu of that nice central air conditioning you might find in a regular office, my home office AC system involves me working in my underwear in order to stay cool, hydrating often with cold glasses of brita-filtered tap water. more tricks: move as little as possible, and to take a shower whenever i start feeling sweaty. i left the house just once, before noontime to go water my plants. my cucumbers were sort of wilting in the sun but everything else seemed fine. i had a white t-shirt on and realized i was standing underneath the dreaded mulberry tree. fortunately i didn't get hit with any berries although i did hear them drop as i watered the garden.

a massprig guy was making the rounds in my neighborhood, trying to get people to donate money. i was very suspicious, since he was doing this during the day when most people aren't home. i hate solicitors of all kinds. i don't care how worthy the cause, when you ring my doorbell and disturb my peace, you're not going to get a welcoming reception. naturally i didn't open the door when he got to my place. later in the evening he came by again, apparently he didn't fulfill his daily quota. i didn't even bother trying to hide the fact i was at home, i just didn't answer the door.

it's not that i don't have an air conditioner, i do. it's just big and heavy and nothing but sharp corners, and it's in my basement. i just don't think it's particularly hot. my parents already installed their AC's weeks ago. i'm going to hold off until there's a real heatwave or until i can't take it anymore. right now it's still pretty bearable. with an oscillating fan, even with a heatwave i may be able to survive without an AC. that plus the fact that i normally just walk around my house in my underwear, so i'm pretty cool as it is.

i noticed a white spot in the middle of my 15" macbook pro LCD screen yesterday. it's only noticeable at a certain angle, but it's definitely there. i went online to research the problem, and apparently the 15" G4 powerbooks had the same defect. i'm trying to decide if it's worth it sending the machine back to apple for repairs. i'm kind of disappointed with apple though: word on the street is their quality control has been slipping over the years. and for what i paid for the machine, i shouldn't expect to find anything wrong with it.

lunch: microwaveable steak & cheese sandwich, dinner: ramen.