after leaving my mushroom kit in the fridge to chill for about a week, i finally brought it out today to start growing mushrooms. i cut holes in the side of the mushroom bag, stuck wooden skewers on the top, and created a growing tent. i can never be sure if i'm doing it right; worst thing that can happen is nothing will grow, and it got the kit for free anyway, so it's not too bad. rest of the day i tried to have some semblance of work, since i won't be doing much of it tomorrow.

on the first day of summer, the only time i went out was to go water the garden. there was a lot of other people doing the same, something i don't usually see when i got in the afternoon.


more neighbors:

this motorcycle parking situation has got me all anxious. i spent the early evening repeatedly looking outside, trying to see if walker the meter man would make a surprise appearance. it was getting late so i figured i dodged a bullet. besides, it was raining, and i figured the meter folks had better things to do. later in the evening, i looked outside, and to my horror, i could see a parking ticket. $30. no resident permit. it was timestamped 8:31pm. so of course i went online to register yet another complaint to the city. since i'm not in the cambridge registered resident parking database, technically i am in violation. however, motorcycles fall under the guest parking umbrella, which means as long as you move your vehicle every 48 hours it's fine. so that's what i did, i moved it yesterday. unless the rule is every 24 hours... but on their website it says 3 days. i don't know, it's causing me more grief than necessary, and i also just realized today that my grand plan of getting my father to register the motorcycle in cambridge isn't going to work either. so either i find a new solution or i have to end up spending like $300 to get the title and registration and insurance and license plate switched over to my name and address.