maybe i should start waking up earlier, because normally i wake up at 8am anyway (but go right back to bed). it's probably got something to do with the amount of daylight. good news: my swollen lip is back to normal. and to think i was all freaking out and wanted to go to the emergency room! after meeting with client S yesterday, today i agreed to do the work and gave them an estimate (signed the forms and mailed it in). actually, i pretty much agreed the first time i got work there was a small project for me to work on. client N was supposed to call this morning me to discuss another project but that never happened (i got a message in the early evening, the phone call postponed until tomorrow). i also paid my quarterly taxes today, late by a few days, and short by about half, since none of my clients have paid me in full yet.

i put in the divider for the young guppies tank, separating the males from the females to the best of my abilities. i took out the 20 gallon whisper filter and put back the 10i internal filter. besides being completely silent (since it's submerged underwater), it has a gentler cycling. i made the filter change today after noticing all my guppies were pretty much pushed to one side of the tank while they slept.


i found a tomato cage in my basement and added it to the garden. the mulberries don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. i did notice my tomatoes were a little bigger than one of my neighbors; it could just be a different tomato variety, or maybe the rotting mulberries add a lot of nutrients back into the soil. take this with a grain of salt though, since there are other gardeners with much larger tomato plants, and a few already have plum-sized green tomatoes.

and for your people viewing pleasure, some more random photos of my neighbors:

my sister called to tell me that she saw and talked to luke wilson at a starbucks in cushing square (belmont). she has a knack for running into celebrities: last summer she saw john malkovich walking by the cafe. i don't think i've ever seen a movie celebrity here in boston before.

i really hate it that my upstairs neighbors never bring out the trash to the curb. somehow they think it's my job. to make matters worse, they built a fence around the trash bins by the side of the house. you can argue if it looks good or not, but it now takes me so much longer to bring out the trash because i have to unwrap the fence and pull out the bins one by one. i'm hoping one weekend when they're on vacation i'm just going to destroy that fence and tell them raccoons did it. while bringing out a recycling bin, there was some nasty foul liquid inside and it splashed all over me, narrowly missing my mouth (i have enough oral drama already, don't need more, thank you). anyway, to take out my passive-aggressive urges, i was outside cutting up boxes with a large hunting knife, flattening them up so the recycling truck will take them away tomorrow.

for dinner, i had some leftover rice noodles. my neighbors were blasting their music upstairs, and i was debating whether i should complain. later in the evening i rang their doorbell - not to yell at them - but to let them know the lights were on in their car. it was a funny scene, the both of us in our boxers, while in the dark two teenage girls were walking their bikes.