before i tell you about my accident let me first make one thing very clear: I DID NOT WET MY BED! have you ever had a dream where you were going to the bathroom? one of my biggest fear is i'll be having one of those dreams and wake up to realize i peed on myself. so this morning i was having that exact dream. coupled with the fact that i actually urgently needed to go to the bathroom but was too lazy to wake up because i knew i couldn't easily fall back to sleep, i kept nature's call at bay for as long as possible. finally i couldn't hold it any longer and went to the bathroom. that's when i realized something horrible: my underwear was slightly wet! oh no! i went back to the bedroom, only to find a wet spot about the size of a cracker. i don't want to speculate as to what it was, as far as i know, it could just be drool, but judging from the position on the bedsheet, i would've had to sleep pretty awkwardly to drool at that particular spot. this has never happened before and i hope it never will. but that's exactly how you know you're getting old, when things like bladder control stop working. it won't be long now before i'm wearing adult diapers to bed. who will take me to go stroller shopping?

with summer just around the corner, it's even more urgent to get into summer shape. after i made an early finish of what little code work i had today, i made an omelette and a smoothie for lunch before going out for a run. i'm hoping to lose between 10-20 lbs. with my open schedule, there's no excuse for me to not get some exercise everyday. i'm going to try and work in more biking opportunities. one of the problems with running is i don't like to carry anything. it's hard enough running with an extra 20 lbs of gut. on a bicycle however, it's the best of both worlds: i can get my exercise but i can also bring along my camera for some photomaking. today's temperature was in the upper 60's, and it was raining a little bit by the time i headed out in the afternoon. conditions were optimal, i kept a pretty leisurely pace, and i managed to make it all the way around, stopping only once to get a drink of water. it was still a struggle, and i cursed my way through the whole run, but at least my endurance is starting to come back. i actually heard a car accident when i was at the fountain; i turned and saw an SUV crashed into the rear bumper of the car right in front of it. for a second i thought about sticking around to give my eyewitness account, but since i didn't actually see it happen, i decided to continue running instead.

even though i really can't afford anything right now, i still troll craig's list looking for used bargains. here are the things i'm always searching for: aquarium, fish tank, canon lens, apple cinema display, and microscope. not like i really need any of those things. i would like to get a new hood for that cracked aquarium though, and i know probably when i do find a 10 gallon hood it's going to come with it's own tank, so i'm going to end up with more aquariums that i'll know what to do with.

the red sox beat the colorado rockies tonight behind wakefield's pitching. unfortunately the yankees continue their winning streak, now at 7 games.

i didn't hate the series finale ending of the sopranos, if that's what you're asking. if you ask me, the whole series overstayed it's welcome, and i haven't been following it in a while, only getting back into it for the last season only because it was finally ending. in the early days it used to be so exciting, but in the later years a typical episode was so boring, i can't believe anyone would enjoy a show like that, much less be able to remain on air for so long. if it weren't for the occasional brief flash of hardcore mob violence, the show would be notihng. sat what you will about the ending, but it was one of the most suspenseful sopranos sequence in a while. can you a more scary man-walking-to-bathroom sequence or meadow-parallel-parking-her-car? and when nothing happened, when the show just faded to black (i thought maybe it was some sort of technical difficulty on my end), i was relieved and surprisingly left wanting more. which i think is the best way to end something. some rabid fans are clamouring for closure, but how can you wrap things up without making the show seem false, which is, hey guy! mobsters are just like us! they put their pants on one leg at a time! they have domestic problems too! as well as job stress! some even need psychiatric help!

and did anybody else laugh so hard milk came out of their nose when they saw the hit on phil leotardo? it was an awesome comedy of error.

wasn't enough that he got whacked, but then the SUV had to roll over his head while he laid dying. there's no dignity in dying a mobster's death it seems.

the reaction on the bystanders is priceless. that kid on the right ended up barfing! classic.