i called that chinese dentist who used to share the same boston office building when i worked at SCS. i could sense they were reluctant to take me on as a new patient for whatever reason. first the receptionist said they weren't accepting anymore new patients (reason: they were very busy), but then changed her mind and said she didn't have anything available until august. my own personal feeling is that from my voice she couldn't tell i was chinese so they didn't want my business. i think if i visited their office in person, things might be different. i could be completely wrong, but i think there might be some discrimination at play here. why do i want a chinese dentist so much? because i think their clientele - chinese for the most part - have pretty bad teeth, so the chinese dentist won't give me crap when he sees how badly i've neglected my teeth over the past 3 years. anyway, found a few more dentists, i might visit chinatown in person on friday and see if i have any luck.

today was about wrapping things up with client N. i haven't heard from them in a few weeks so i'm assuming things are well and the projects to be over. i printed out an invoice and mailed it to them along with a dvd of all the source files and assets. i dropped off a copy for the designer (based in inman square) before making a quick stop at my community garden to water the plants. there was a girl there working on her plot using the black trash bag technique. i haven't been to the garden since friday and some new seedlings have sprouted, particularly the morning glories. this must be leftovers from last season; currently they're sprouting haphazardly, i'll have to relocate them closer to the fence so they can have something to climb. i noticed on the chinese lantern plant a few flower buds. they look yellow, which worries me, because lantern flowers are supposed to be orange-red. it's only been more than a week since i planted, so it's still early, but no plants have died, so that's a good sign.


morning glory

chinese lantern




i went to market basket to get some groceries. returning home, i loaded up my backpack sort of lopsided and had to compensate for it on the motorcycle otherwise i'd topple over. client N called me; i was afraid there was some issue with the invoice (i also sent them a pdf copy), but it was actually for another project. nothing definite, and it looks to be small, but it'd be good if i can get the work, it'll allow me to pay my taxes at the end of the year.

anybody else watching wild palms on the CW? is anybody watching the CW, period? it's one of those summer series, and a weird one at that. the main character, a boy named johnny miller, is an alcoholic who just got out of rehab because he saw his father commit suicide. he moves to palm springs with his mother and new stepfather. very quickly, he meets the locals, all of them with secrets: the geeky girl who has a crush on him, the elusive hot blonde, and the preppy living next door who obviously has ulterior motives in befriending johnny. did i mention the house he lives in used to belong to a boy his age who killed himself? i'm not telling anyone to watch wild palms, but it looks to be trashy fun, until it gets cancelled.