for some reason i wasn't so much into working yesterday but today was a different story. maybe it had something to do with the deadline. the long weekend has screwed up my schedule - i still think today is tuesday when it fact it's already wednesday. even better, i have another deadline on friday. at least i'm invested in the work now, but bug issues cause stress so i don't know how well i'll sleep tonight. you know what else causes stress? client who instant messages me late at night and write me e-mails about work (both scenarios happened). if i can not worry about the deadline then i can better focus on fixing some of these new issues cropping up in the bug database. i hear tomorrow's weather won't be very good so that'll be conducive to staying home and working.

around noontime i went to the garden to water the plants again. pet peeve: people who just throwing the garden hose into a tangled pile instead of wrapping it back up. i'm still trying to find a place to buy some hay to use as mulch, because some of the weeds have started to grow back. either that or quickly buy some more vegetables to grow.

today i was on the phone again with blue cross for another half hour of health insurance phone tag. even though i had a claim number, they still redirected me a few times. one man told me that it takes 4-6 weeks for them to process the paperwork. i hung up on him before he could give me his well-rehearsed speech on how they get thousands of applicants a day and i just need to be more patient. another agent actually called me back (after we got disconnected), and told me the reason why it was taking so long was because my applicant was marked as invalid because they read a "1944" instead of a "1974" on my date of birth. he then told me that i've been under their coverage since may 1st, even though they haven't contacted me about it and would send me a bill anyway. i'm sure they won't forget to send me that. does that even make sense? that they can retroactively give me coverage and i still have to pay for it even though they didn't tell me about it?

there's something different about the jar of duckweed. one thing, all the rootlets have disappeared. they might've rotted away, which would explain the slightly brown tinge to the water, or maybe the snails ate them. didn't see snails 2 weeks ago, maybe they hatched from eggs, or were always there. these are fast snails though, they can move from the top of the jar to the bottom in less than 10 seconds. also in the jar: daphnia. you might remember them from high school biology, seen through a microscope. they swim around in that weird segmented way. i think the duckweed need more sun, they don't look so well. i wish there was some way to transfer the daphnia to the fish tanks (guppies love to eat daphnia) without infecting the fish would god know's what other microscopic organism is growing in that jar of essentially pond scum.

red sox finally lost tonight against the indians behind dice-k's pitching. it's hard to figure out matsuzaka. people say he's good, and whenever he pitches i feel like we're going to win, but so far it's 50/50. i think we have just as good a chance to win behind tavarez's pitching, and he's the weakest link in the pitching lineup. when is lester coming back? this weekend it's another yankees series. too bad roger clemens won't be there, but it just makes you further question the decision of the yankees management to pay him ($22 million?) so much to come back for a single season. even if clemens wins every single game he pitches, that's still only 1 out of every 5 games. the yankees need like 5 roger clemens. maybe they should invest some money in cloning technology as well. wakefield, tavarez, schilling. last time out, tavarez was the sole winner. hopefully things will be different this time around. i don't think wakefield has won a yankees game yet this season.