april 22nd

it's been a month since i've last visited my community garden. it was a desolate wasteland and things (perennials) were just starting to appear.

may 23rd (before)

apparently a lot can happen in a month. since that time, it's been completely swallowed up by weeds, like an ancient temple swallowed up by the jungle.

may 23rd (after)

armed with a spade i began digging, uprooting the weeds and covering them back up with the dirt in the hopes of converting all that to green manure. it took half an hour but i still need to go back and work on it. in the meantime i have to start thinking about what i'd like to grow. i'll probably visit the garden store within the next few days to buy some plants. besides the basic vegetables (tomatoes, basil, cilantro, scallions) i'd like to find something fun, probably some sort of flower.

covered in sweat, i went back home to take another (third) shower. prior to that, i went out running. today's weather was in the mid 70's, and a lot of pretty people were out around the charles river getting their share of sun. on the storrow side of the river by the boat house building i saw an adult rabbit with a bunny hiding and eating in the grass. i saw a strange duck that from a distance looked like it had an amorphous shape; turned out it was a female mallard surrounded by her brood of ducklings. it would've made a great photo, i'll try to go back and get a picture. when i came back home, i took a shower (my second one of the day, my first was earlier that morning).

my work for client S continues but it's definitely winding down. it almost seems like they have to dig pretty hard to find a bug i can fix. so naturally that means i'm going to take tomorrow off (or at least part of it) to go do a spot of naturing. the hard part is figuring out where to go.

whenever i get bored i stare at my empty used aquarium, and sort of imagine what i can do with it, like an artist looking at a blank canvas. i compared the used fluorescent (aqua-glo lamp) with my store-bought all-glass fluorescent. though both are 15w, the all-glass light is many magnitudes brighter. not a big deal to replace the tube though. i'm running out of space in the house to put everything, that's why i'm thinking about converting the guest bedroom into a fish room, but in the off change i get guests, i'm not sure if they'd like to sleep in a room surrounded by the noisy gurgles of the aquarium filters.