tonight there was a black hole lecture at the harvard-smithsonian center for astrophysics. when i arrived - after a quick detour to brooks to pick up some chocolate - the doors were locked and there were some people waiting outside. apparently they had reached maximum capacity and wasn't accepting anymore guests. are there really that many people who are into black holes? we waited outside anyway, and when the door finally opened, we bum-rushed into the building, only to find a small crowded auditorium with standing-room only accommodations at best. since i wasn't that excited about the lecture to begin with, i decided to turn back and go home. along the way i found i broken watch. i think i should try to find the owner but i don't want to leave my e-mail address or my phone number. maybe i'll sign up for a temp hotmail account.

my upstairs neighbors slipped me a note this morning, something about their hot water heater being broken and a repairman coming to replace it. i was afraid they'd temporarily cut the water so i quickly went to go use the bathroom in case it actually happened (it didn't). when the mail arrived it included a check from client B. the money i made from my 2 day trip to las vegas hardly makes a dent in my checking account but it's a step towards debt recovery. i haven't heard from client N in a while and was ready to invoice them when they suddenly contacted me again today, something about needing to adjust the volume level on the interactive. it was a quick fix but when i contacted them about how they wanted me to deliver it, i didn't hear back from them. client S gave me some more work. the amount is so little though, i've put it low on my priority list.

in the evening i cooked up some chicken broth and had some rice noodles for dinner.

it's true: i used to be a gilmore girls fan, starting from season 1. however, ever since rory went off to college, i've sort of lost interest in the show. when i recently heard that GG wouldn't be renewed for next season, i figured i owed it to the show to at least watch the final episode to get some closure. as a proper send-off, i'm going to add my own comments on the last show, blow by blow. enjoy!

michel! i've always wondered about him. he's french, but continental french or canadian french? and did he ever have a girlfriend on the show? hmm, i wonder. kind of reminds me of someone i know, but i can't quite place my finger on it... anyway, it's been a while since i've seen the show - what's up with the hair? i liked him better when it wasn't so kinky. okay, so the big hubbub is christian amanpour is visiting stars hollow. this is significant because from very early on, she was rory's role model, so it's befitting that she would appear on the last episode, full circle as you will.

for a television journalist, i'm actually pretty impressed with amanpour's performance - although technically she's just playing herself, but i've seen self-portraying real life celebrities and sometimes they come off stiff. not sure about what she's wearing though, she's got some weird camoufloral-patterned pants on.

roll intro! for the very last time! sniff!

rory is mailing out a million resumes before mother and daughter go off on a road trip visiting rollercoasters. look, there's a fire hydrant on the desk! is that a pc? or a mac disguised as a pc? hard to tell. those are obviously fake flowers though.

okay, awkward moment...a rocket? i totally missed this story (maybe i don't want to know). i'm assuming it's a present of some sort from rory's ex. i've seen an episode or two to know he's some rich boy. in my mind, jess was the one that got away, the bad boy but who's secretly super smart. as for rory's first boyfriend dean, he was just training wheels, no way was that ever going to stick.

lorelai with an anchor shirt! is that supposed to be symbol, like she's the anchor? or maybe it's an allusion to sinking ratings and one of the reasons why the show is get cancelled? OR maybe it's an homage to that anchor suit worn by the town mayor in jaws?

luke! and who's this other person? luke's sister? and she has a baby? the whole reason why she's here is so she can remind the audience that luke has a special present (necklace) that he was going to give to lorelai but he might give it to rory now, as a graduation present. foreshadowing, anyone?

ah, the family dinner! didn't lorelai's parents split up? nice to see that they're back together. i've always wondered about this: why is edward herrmann (lorelai's father) always credited as "special appearance"? it's always made me think that he will only appear on a few episodes, or that one day he'd be written out of the story entirely, but he seems to be a pretty consistent fixture in most episodes.

rory returns from her interview and tells everyone she's got a job covering the barack obama campaign! and the job begins in 3 days! so no rollercoasters! and no graduation re-enactment party! is this what she wore to the interview? no wonder she got the job!

the towns people hear that there's not going to be a party and are very disappointed. when did kirk get a girlfriend?

lorelai and rory quickly re-enact the graduation. the townfolks are not amused. the girls must leave quickly before the mob turns to violence.

in order to quell stars hollow's bloodlust for being denied a celebration, luke meets up with sookie and plans a surprise graduation party for rory. sookie is all, "are you sure? maybe it's for lorelai as well." luke shrugs it off, but you totally know he has ulterior motives! he's so sneaky!

mother and daughter go around town collecting supplies for rory's eventual job trip. they visit miss patty's barn but the doors are suspiciously locked (since it's a small town, nobody locks their doors, and people can go in and out of other people's houses as they please). she opens up just a crack and says something about consulting with her muse. it sounds suspicious and neither ladies want to find out what's really going on so they leave miss patty alone.

here's the kicker: all the towns people are inside planning the surprise party! OH SNAP!

rory goes to visit her friend lane one last time (so she thinks) before she leaves. lane says something about being married with two kids. when did this happen? is she kidding? if it's true, i don't think her husband is korean. where's misses kim? did she explode and die when lane told her the news?

while setting up the surprise party, babette comes running out to tell luke that her ankles are swollen. huh? that means it's going to rain! where are they going to get a wedding tent at this time of night?

oh my god - luke is going to sew a tent? tear!

the girls come to town to see everyone already waiting for them!

overwhelmed! tear!

even lorelai's parents come to town to send off their granddaughter. lorelai's father basically tells her that she did a good job raising her kid. tear!

the sash is a nice touch, in case people forget who the guest of honor is.

sookie tells lorelai that it was luke who organized this whole party. lorelai finds luke to thank him.

they kiss! cue music! cue the water works! this is such a classic 80's movie moment, i love it!

before rory leaves, they visit the diner one last time. the girls are teasing luke, as usual. lorelai can't decide what she wants, luke tells her "you can take as long as you want." tear.

lorelai wears a new necklace, which rory notices and says it suits her. camera pulls back, leaving mother and daughter chatting, fade to black.

as far as last episodes go, that was pretty good. i think the writers were expecting maybe this would be the end, so they made a fitting farewell. i'm glad none of rory's college drama made any sort of appearance: neither her ex, nor paris, whom i've always found particulatly annoying. i'm kind of surprised christopher (rory's dad) didn't make an appearance or was even mentioned - maybe they didn't want to muddle the story. for this episode they kept it simple, just rory and lorelai and the cast of characters of stars hollow. it almost makes me yearn for more GG but i think the storyline has run its course. rory is off pursuing her dream as a journalism (with the blessing of amanpour no less!) and it seems like lorelai and luke might be getting back together again, which is what everyone wanted. and her relationship with her parents are good too, continuing their friday night dinner tradition.