recently i've been waking up around 8am every morning, which is strange because normally i can't seem to get enough sleep. maybe it has something to with the amount of daylight. when it's already bright outside, maybe i instinctively want to wake up. it was much easier to sleep in late during the winter when the sun doesn't rise until much later.

i had a weird dream last night. i was a member of a drag impersonation group of the supremes. i wasn't diana ross but one of the lesser ladies. just so happens the real diana ross was in the audience tonight, so there was a lot of pressure to give a good performance. unfortunately i don't know any of the lyrics so i basically winged it. even worse, there was no musical accompaniment so it got pretty awkward. apparently we ran a large tab at the bar and when the bartender tried to get us to pay, we hid in the ladies bathroom, which he didn't dare come in.

i had some work for client S making some fixes on project B. it wasn't too difficult yet gave me just enough of a challenge to ease my way into another monday. a did a load of laundry; it's true, i think the washing machine really did fix itself somehow. i did a water change in the baby guppy tank. it was an excellent day to go running but the little bit of work that i had carried into the late afternoon, and i managed to rationalize my way out of exercising.

about a week ago i put that one cherry barb in with the neon tetras. they seem to be getting along well. there doesn't seem to be any aggressive chasing like their was when i mixed the cherry barb with the guppies. that cherry barb has seen better days. the edge of its fins are all frayed and its tail fin is crooked.

i sent in my blue cross health insurance application last month and i still haven't heard anything from them so i finally called to see what was happening. naturally i got thrown into consumer service hell, bouncing from one agent to agent and being put on hold multiple times. finally after about 40 minutes i finally got through to somebody who checked their records and found my paperwork. for some reason my coverage is retroactive to may 1st; i don't know if this means i have to pay for the month of may even though they never notified me that my policy had been accepted and activated. there's probably going to be a lot more telephone wrangling before everything will be okay. at the very least i can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that i sort of have health insurance now.