i don't like the word "thirsty." you'll never hear me using it. if i'm feeling thirsty, i'll just say, "man, i need something to drink." lately, i've seen a lot of television commercials for kitchen paper towels where "thirsty" is used to anthropomorphically describe its water-sucking capacity. naturally, these ads annoy me to no end. why "thirsty"? why not "absorbent"? perfectly good substitute, and one might say even better since its more suited for inanimate objects. i hope this is just a phase and soon advertisers will stop using that word to describe their products.

this is how serious i was about work this morning: i didn't even spend an hour checking e-mails and surfing all my favorite news websites, i just went straight into coding mode. lunch? no time, just ate some bread. the only time i left my room just to go use the bathroom. finally around 3pm i took a short break to stare at my guppies to calm down.

the younger guppies are at a point in their development where they're getting colors/patterns not only in their fins but in their bodies as well. it's interesting seeing all the variations and no two guppies are exactly alike. however, age doesn't seem to make them smarter: there was one guppy with a weird bulge in his stomach which i'm guessing he got from swallowing a piece of gravel. who knows, maybe it'll pass, but if that guppy dies, i hope it doesn't get sucked into the filter and slowly rot in the sponge.

this morning it was so dark and cold, i could've sworn the apocalypse was upon us. but as the day went on, like a miracle, the sun came out and the temperature shot up from 50 degrees to 70 degrees. an hour before sunset i rode my motorcycle up to prospect hill to see if i could get any good photos.

some more rice noodle for dinner, some more television, then back to my room for more coding. surprisingly, i'm actually ahead of schedule, and could've delivered in the afternoon, but i wanted to sit on the code in case inspiration strikes me and i find some more solutions to the few remaining bugs.