i awoke from a dream about a russian mail-order bride. she didn't "belong" to me but we formed a relationship nonetheless and went off on adventures together. on a day where the temperature almost hit 90 degrees, i was supposed to play hookey but i just had too much work to do. a part of being an adult is having responsibilities, and one of my responsibilities told me there was no room in today's schedule to take advantage of yet another summer day in spring.

from the moment i woke up i was working. it got progressively hotter in my bedroom as the day wore on, and i went around the house opening as many windows as i could. i finally got the last piece of graphic from client N with the project due tomorrow. for a project that was supposed to take weeks if not months to build, they were expecting to see a coding miracle. fortunately when it comes to lingo scripting i've worked my shares of wonders, and despite the less than 24 hour deadline, i will be able to complete the assignment. client S on the other hand e-mailed/instant messaged/phoned me about finishing a specific section of the code, which was their way of saying it's urgent. unfortunately i had zero time to do any of it, and will see if i can play around with it later tonight during my midnight programming shift.

i did leave the house briefly, biked down to the harvard vanguard office to pick up a 3-month supply of HBP medication. even with just a t-shirt it still felt really warm. on the way home i passed by a flowering magnolia tree and took some photos. if you ever see a guy on the side of the road with a motorcycle helmet taking photos of flowers, that's me.

in the evening a tech support guy from SIIG called me up from oakland. a week ago the ultraATA PCI card in my desktop mac stopped allowing me to boot from the internal hard drives. since then i've been e-mailing their technicians, trying to figure out the root of the problem. i suspected their PCI card was broken, but the guy who called me was adamant that it was something on my end, like either a bad cable or a damaged hard drive. i just wanted him to tell me, "okay, you can return the card for a replacement," but before he said that he first had to make me jump through every single possible hard drive configuration, things i've already tried on my own - none of which works. even if i got a RMA number i still can't return the card until my projects are over since i can't have any downtime with my drives.

around 9pm i heard a knock on the door. looking through the window i couldn't recognize who it was but curiosity made me put on some pants and answer the door. it was rob house, paying me a random visit. not sure when the last time i saw him (could it have been more than a year ago? at zoe's?). he stayed for a little bit, telling me about his MS bike ride next week and his month-long vacation in london/milan the week after that.