all this rain: if only it was warm enough for the salamander migration. at least it's not snow, like what's happening to our neighbors up north. it's also good for the plants and hopefully wash away the last remaining coating of wintertime salt. stayed at home all day (did i really have a choice?) then went over to my parents for dinner.

zucchini & beets

mapo tofu

grilled tarragon chicken


i ended up borrowing the car for the next few days. even though there was an empty spot right in front of my house, my lack of parallel parking skills made me give up after just one failed attempt and park a block away. in the pouring rain i walked back to my house.

raindrops on coke can

still debating whether i should go watch the boston marathon tomorrow. rain doesn't really faze me but if there's horizontal rain it's not going to make my camera equipment very happy. it's either that or stay home and work. i'll probably go with the lesser of two evils.

update: what was supposed to be an early night turned out to be the exact opposite: my desktop mac decided to lock up while i was watching a video so i did a hard reboot. bad idea: i couldn't get the machine to restart from the internal drive so i re-installed the system and still couldn't boot so i put a fresh system on a different drive but still no go and i opened up the machine several times, swapping cables and relocating the ultra ATA/133 controller card, but still nothing. i finally had to install OS X on an external firewire drive and boot the machine from that. i've been at it for the past 3 hours approaching 4, sort of a pain but at least my data's safe. i'm probably going to have to replace the controller card (thankfully it's still under a 5 year warranty).