this is what a zested navel orange looks like. i really should've eaten it after i flayed it alive, but i'm just not in the mood for citrus fruits right now. without its skin, the orange will harden over time but the flesh inside will still remain soft; as a matter of fact, becoming even sweeter as the water slowly evaporates.

the sprouts from a potato are poisonous! they look alien, all purple and green with hairs and bumps and hooks. what will i do with my maturing potatoes? better find a good potato recipe.

i'm overfeeding my guppies: i realized that today right before i performed a water change. it's hard not to feed them when every time i go to the tank they're jostling each other near the surface, waiting for food. time for some tough love, before they overeat and die.

the maturing male guppies (i think they're males) are showing more and more colors and patterns on their tail fins and dorsal fins.

this one is a female, i'm pretty sure, because of her gravid spot. for some reason i think i have way more male guppies than female guppies (even though statistically i should have an equal amount), but i still can't be sure until the males start growing their gonopodium.

spent 10 hours today working on client S's project. there was very little actual coding, more reading through the preexisting scripts and figuring out how the program works. it's what i've been doing the past 3 days. i think i'm finally at a point where i'm pretty familiar with the functionalities and tomorrow i start banging it into shape. the deadline is friday. i seem to love cutting it close.

ah, matsuzaka versus ichiro! ichiro couldn't get a hit off of matsuzaka but the red sox ended up losing the game anyway, thanks in part to hernandez's near no-hitter. i believe there's another reason why we lost: the curse of trot nixon. did you realize it's his birthday today? coincidence? i don't think so.