i tested my repatched aquarium for the second time. at about the 6 gallon mark i decided to play it safe and relocate to the bathroom, in case the tank should completely shatter and 10 gallons of tap water flood my kitchen floor. i filled the tank up to the rim and waited for something to happen. notice also the color of the water in the aquarium. is it just me or is it slightly blue? i've noticed this sometimes in the bathtub when i'm taking a soak and i really saw this in tokyo taking a bath in a japanese ofuro. i'm no scientist, but i guess it has something to do with the chlorine used to disinfect tap water.

so after about an hour and no signs of leaks, i think the aquarium is finally leak-proof. but is it safe? because i can still put my finger on the cracked side and sort of bend the glass a little bit - something i can't do to the other sides. i think it's good as a temporary tank - maybe for breeding or hospital tank, but i wouldn't feel confident using it for a long time.

i did a water change for both the guppy tank and the 7 minibow, using the treated water i've been storing in the trash barrel. i siphon out 2 gallons of used water from each tank, the guppy tank being dirtier (not because the guppies are creating more waste, i think the gravel is still too new, so there's still a lot of debris).

after my mother got out of work, she and my sister came by to pick up an tao and me for dinner. since an tao's leaving for china next saturday, this would be the last time my mother can treat him to dinner. we went to tin tin buffet in allston/brighton, serving low-brow chinese cuisine. i didn't eat much since there wasn't too much that was appealing to my palate. afterwards we went to the watertown target to do some browsing before getting a ride back to cambridge.

BSG finale (spoilers): lee adama made a nice speech at the midway mark, but the surprise ending - that some of the crew members are just realizing they might be cylons - wasn't a surprise at all, they've been hinting for the past few episodes, it almost seemed too obvious to be true. and starbuck comes back? not a surprise either. so no BSG until 2008? it'll be interesting to see what they do now. unlike the end of season 2 however, the conclusion of this season didn't seem so earth-shattering.