you can approach sundays in one of two ways: either as a day of weekend mourning, waxing philosophical about returning to the work week, or see it as just another day. today i prefer the latter option. i woke up late, did my morning business, and finished working on client S's project. the side effects of drinking all that suspect milk last night still plagued me as i continued my periodic bathroom visits. an tao wasn't home but came back from the office in the afternoon. i left in the early evening to return the car and have dinner at my parents.

the snowscapes found in the suburbs are vastly different from those in the cities. here in cambridge the snow are pilled up on street corners and sides of the roads, stepped on, driven over, becoming dirty slush as the days progress. out in the suburbs, with their large tracts of front lawns and backyards, the snow form an undulating unbroken surface created from refrozen ice. it's quite beautiful, almost like shimmering sand dunes on a beach when the setting sun hits it just right.

i got a ride back home after dinner. an tao, preparing dinner himself, was surprised to see me back so soon.

i finally got around to ordering that tamron 17-50mm lens. dropping a couple of c-notes always makes me reconsider after i hit the send button. i saw the exact same lens on craig's list, but tamron's 6 year warranty isn't transferable so even though it costs a little bit more to get a new one, it comes with an added insurance policy. i got a 67mm polarizing filter as well (something outrageous, $50 was the cheapest one in stock). i ordered from B&H even though i found another place that was less expensive: i felt like i can trust B&H a lot more (some of the other cheaper places can be a bit shady). the 17-50mm will replace by current 18-55mm canon kit lens - which ironically is a replacement as well (i bought it used from that woman i met in boston about a month ago). i don't know what kind of photos it'll produce but if it's anything like that f2.8 lens i borrowed a few weekends back, it'll be a fun lens to use.

BSG news (possible spoilers): can't believe next week is going to be the last episode of the season! i heard it's going to be another climatic finale. i know some of other sites have seen screeners and have posted how it ends but i've been resisting the urge to find out. my own theory is that the last remaining unknown cylons are actually more regular cast members. so the big kicker is most of the major players are cylons, and all next season deals with their new found identity crisis. i wasn't that turned on by tonight's episode but it's definitely setting the stage for next week. i have a feeling baltar will be found not guilty, which will obviously cause a rift among the general population as some sort of civil war breaks out. does the human-cylon baby die? does madame president's cancer go back to remission? what's up with the strange music? will lee by the next public enemy number one? i really can't believe there's only one more episode left! what's going to replace all that emptiness?