a bit of good news today: the accountant for client P (while going over their tax stuff) contacted me asking if i ever got a check for this bit of work i did for them back during the first half of last year. after looking through my bank statements, i couldn't find any record of the deposit so it looks like i'll be getting a check next week! so that right there was probably the most exciting thing that happened today.

the rest of the day i spent working for client S, occasionally pacing around the house, which is what i do when i get a mental block. i couldn't take a shower because i caulked a few bare spots around the bathtub and had to wait for it to dry. it struck me as a bit odd that their code tester didn't work until midnight, but i sort of had a hunch as to the reason, and sure enough, halfway around the world, an indian worker is verifying my work as i go to bed. that to me is way more interesting than the work, and i feel compelled to leave little messages (but i don't), asking what the weather is like, or what's for lunch. to know that there's somebody on the other side of the world checking my programming almost makes me want to write better code for the sake of not looking like a total fool.

oh my god, turn away, don't even look at that photo. help me i can't stop making bread! i've already used the "oh, i had some leftover ingredients" excuse, so can't use that one again. how about, "i was trying to show my roommate how a real man makes real bread (with a machine)" so that's why i started a loaf around 8pm and didn't finish baking until almost midnight? okay, whatever, tonight's breaderpiece is brought to you be the letter japaleño slices and the number shredded monterey jack cheese. and yeah, i'm still using that non-sanctioned all-purpose flour (that's how i roll), but this time the top didn't rip off the bread like the last one, although the dough was a little soggy.

for dinner, i had some leftover pasta mixed with mushrooms. no, i am not becoming a vegetarian, just that sometimes my daily food pyramid doesn't include meat. that got me thinking though: i wonder if i can make meat bread? so instead of raisins, i throw in some lamb nuggets and other carnivorous goodness. something to think about for this weekend.

plus: playing around with the layout again. you'll also notice a new amazon sponsor link. i'll see how that goes. right now the things it recommends are sort of random, but it'll be interesting to see if it pulls anything from what i write.