i propose that all future movie marathons to be only 12 hours long: a person can take only so much moviewatching. when you have a 24 hour marathon, most of the movies that get played late at night (early morning) don't get seen, because everybody is asleep. such was the case in the final half of dan's movie marathon.

airport 1975 (1974): i like this movie and wished that it was playing earlier, when i was so tired and sleepy. airport 1975 was actually one of the movies in another marathon from way back, march 2003. i like the fact that there used to be a time when karen black was considered a leading lady, somebody who looks like a real person, not like the cameron diaz or angelina jolie you see making up today's lineup of leading ladies. and somebody has to do a count of how many times charlton heston says the word "honey" in the film!

sopranos (season 1 episode 5) (1999): the episode where tony takes meadow to visit colleges in new england. i woke up just in time to see tony strangle a guy.

mr. show (1995): an episode that has a jack black cameo before he became famous. i like mr. show but early in the morning after sleeping on the floor and waking up to back pains, it's kind of hard to laugh.

gimme shelter (1970): perhaps the best "movie" of the entire marathon, about the fateful free rolling stones concert in san francisco that resulted in some fan violence and the death of one audience member. it's just so interesting almost from an anthropological standpoint, you got all these hippies (for lack of a better word) and then you have these hell's angels bikers (which was synonymous with danger back then) providing the security detail. and to see the rolling stones when they were so young, i only know them as leathery aging rockers strutting around on stage. plus: the occasional flashing booby or drug-induced bare ass during the concert is always welcomed.

the apple (1980): i came to the marathon just to see this movie. maybe i hyped it up in my mind too much, or maybe after 20+ hours of moviewatching, i just didn't have the energy to be entertained anymore, but i found the movie rather disappointing in how bad it was. i thought it was going to be like can't stop the music 1980 (i'd watch that anyday) but it was more like nails scratching on a blackboard set to disco music while taking place in a supposed future of 1994.

dan's movie marathon finally drew to a close, i gave elias a ride back to cambridge, and had dinner with the family at my house (this time with birthday cake). taking advantage of extended shopping hours, i visited the nearest target to help my aunt pick out a cheap digital camera (the samsung S500) and i grabbed a bag of australian licorice for myself (only to find out it's all moldy inside).