after uploading the latest version of the code this morning, i had a free day. i wanted to go for a run, but i waited too long and the sky started to get dark so i decided to cancel my appointment around the charles river. instead i spent my time watching some television episodes i downloaded and ordering stuff online: a network laser printer and a flatbed scanner.

zebra danio

it's my last day with the danios, tomorrow they're gone. i feel like a mother giving up her babies for adoption. at least they're going away to a better place (and no, that's not a euphemism for heaven). i still can't help feel a little sad though.

neon tetra

i noticed today that the tetras have started chasing one another as well. now i'm really confused. maybe the danios have been a bad influence and some of that bullying have rubbed off on the tetras. it's a vicious circle, the cycle of aquatic abuse. the strange thing is the smaller tetras seem to be meaner, while the larger ones are more docile. tetras don't chase danios though, danios still rule barter town.

my parents dropped by in the evening to deliver one of their cars (i'm borrowing it for tomorrow) as well as some fried rice for dinner. they stayed for a little bit, helping me finish the rest of my thanksgiving flan (i made too much). after they left i crawled on the sofa and quickly fell asleep, almost missing battlestar galactica. in a few more minutes i'll filling up the tub and taking my traditional friday night bath sponsored by entertainment weekly.