after a week's worth of patient downloading, i finally collected all 12 episodes of HBO's rome season 1. if you loved gladiator, this is a series tailor-made for you. it's a dramatization of the fall of the first triumvirate, when julius caesar marched back into rome after 8 years of fighting to consolidate his power. some of the stuff is pure fiction, but there's just enough familiar names (octavian, mark antony, brutus) and strands of truth to make me want to refresh my roman history knowledge with some wikipedia searches. i've already watched 4 episodes, and i hear there's an impressive gladiator combat that comes later on. some of the storylines are pretty topical, like the soldiers who return home after lengthy tours of duty and have trouble adjusting to civilian life.

today was marked more with code work. i'm not building something, but instead just fixing it, so there's a lot of sleuthing and variable tracking. it's kind of interesting but requires a level of concentration that conflicts with my self-diagnosed attention deficit disorder.

are my danios getting bloated from overeating? to be quite honest, i sort of secretly hope they might get sick and die (i'm a horrible fish owner), especially that one big danio who spends the entire day chasing around the other danios, and occasionally the tetras as well. the danios are not schooling at all, but swim around independently, seemingly looking for trouble. the tetras are afraid as ever, keeping within their school formation. this morning during feeding they seemed a bit more active in their attempts to snatch sinking fish flakes, but since danios are surface feeders, the tetras just get leftover crumbs. i've decided to only feed these fish once a day now, even though i've read that some people recommend feeding twice. my other fish, the cherry barb, i only feed once a day as well, and that one's survived for the past 3 years, so i must be doing something right. i just wish the danios weren't so hyper, they make me anxious when i watch them dart around the aquarium.

a new daily pattern is emerging: i now spend the bulk of my time in the bedroom. when it gets dark and i'm done with work (or whatever the hell i'm working on on the computer), i relocate to the living room to watch some news from the couch. this is usually a time when i fall asleep, and i wake up depending on what's on television and to make dinner. tonight was nothing special, some ramen during house, then i watched my boys on TBS.

some final notes: last night, in a bout of procrastination, i organized the tangle of wires underneath my computer desk. the chance of a electrical fire has now been greatly reduced. also, since i have two gallons of milk i have to finish within the next week (i overbought some flan ingredients), all day long i've been downing glasses of milk. did i mention that i've become slightly lactose intolerant in my old age? in a few minutes i'm making my 6th bathroom trip of the day.