probably not a day goes by where i'm not at some pet store trying to buy something else for my aquarium. despite the cold weather (40's, i had on 5 layers) i made it to the brighton petco to look for 15" flourescent tube lights suitable for plant growth. all they carried was the 14w aqua-glo which i don't think is any better than the GE 14w aqua rays i got when i originally bought the tank. i also went to big fish, little fish for the very first time, the pet store a few blocks away from my house. they didn't carry any of the lights i wanted either. returning home, my motorcycle stalled a few times, a combination of the cold weather and lack of gasoline. i filled the tank ($5) before coming back, making sure to park on the opposite side of the street since it's street cleaning tomorrow.

too lazy to go running, i did laundry instead, washed my sheets and pillow cases. i can't believe thanksgiving is this thursday, and we're having it at my house again despite the small size of my place. i probably have to start making my traditional holiday flan tomorrow, as well as picking up my parents from the airport. this will also afford me the opportunity to put my bike in storage for the season, but i still don't want to give up my transportation freedom just yet. although this is probably the latest i've ever still had the motorcycle out, i feel like if i can make it to december, that'd be a personal milestone. once the daytime average hovers in the 30's, that's when i'm definitely putting my ride away.

in the evening i got invited to a screening of pedro almodovar's volver at the kendall cinema. sara brought me inside and i sat next to joel reading a book. in the audience i bumped into paula and jonathan as well. volver has an interesting story, following the lives of two sisters dealing with the recent death of their parents and now their aunt. it's essentially a piece of cinematic soap opera, featuring themes like murder, arson, cancer, abusive spouse, ghost, and family feud. penelope cruz is of course the natural standout, her performance generating early buzz of potential academy nomination. as much as the movie might be considered a chick flick, there's something for the guys as well in the form of cruz's cleavage, which characters within the movie itself references several times, and a drinking game can easily be developed for every time the camera lens seems to be strategically showcasing her assets.

coming back from the theatre, it was so cold i repeatedly punched myself in the arms and legs to try and stay warm. i visited a nearby kfc/taco bell to pick up a 6 piece bucket of fried chicken for dinner. i got home just in time to see the conclusion of heroes, a show that i'm still on the fence about but watching it anyway only because i don't want to be left out of the hype.