you owe me one, kennedy!

i woke up this morning with one thing in mind: time to get my vote on! i got dressed and went down the street to the neighborhood school house and voted downstairs in the gym slash voting station. i was surprised ted kennedy's name was on the ballot, because i hadn't heard a thing about his re-election and i don't think he even bothered to campaign. for governor, i still wasn't 100% sure who i'd be voting for. definitely not republican healey for running such a negative campaign. i really wanted to vote for mihos because he has a great boston accent, but in the end i went democratic and picked deval patrick, even though i think he's kind of shifty. and that name, "deval," am i the only one who thinks that's almost like "devil?"

the weather today was surprisingly mild and i took the opportunity to take the motorcycle down to the local KFC and get myself an 8 piece bucket meal. yeah yeah, i know it's fatty and not the healthiest food in the world, but i hit the KFC twice in china and it just wasn't the same, and ever since i've been back i've been yearning for some real american style KFC. i only ate two pieces, saving the rest for later.

i can't believe one of my fish is still alive. come this january, my cherry barb (the species name, not a pet name) will be at least 3 years old. from an initial batch of 5, this was the only one to have survived. sometimes i wonder if its bored, whether i should buy a few more friends. what do fish think about anyway when they're swimming around in the tank? i know it's a horrible thing to say, but sometimes i secretly hope it'd die so i can buy some different fish, but the longer it stays alive, the more sentimentally attached i become, despite the fact that even to this day i believe this last surviving fish might've killed some of its other playmates.

i took a bath while reading the latest issue of newsweek. my mother called me from taiwan to ask how my audit went. in the evening i parked myself in front of the television and watched election coverage all night long. the house of representative goes to the democrats, and as of now the control for the senate is still up in the air.