i downloaded all 4 episodes of 30 rock last night (crashed my internet access, but it was worth it) and watched them over and over again all day like an obsessed fan. john told me that show might be in danger of being cancelled but how can NBC cancel it when they're moving it to their thursday night comedy lineup? they already cancelled teachers last season (a show i absolutely loved! sarah shahi, call me), i don't know if i'm ready to face another cancellation.

i posted more photos to flickr today. this time around a retrospective of all the places i stayed at when i was in china. it's not the most exciting photo set but if you're curious as to how i lived during those 3 months, take a peek. i plan on writing some blurbs for the photos within the coming days.

speaking of the coming days, i got an e-mail from client S about jumping onboard a project for the next few weeks. it's to tweak a preexisting project that i worked on last winter and spring. i think all these former clients coming to me with work is spoiling me. even i'm a little bit amazed that some how i can go on vacation for 3 months, come back to town with zero job, but then within a few weeks land a couple of gigs. honestly though, i welcome the opportunity to work again. besides making money to pay the bills, i'm starting to get a little antsy with all this lounging around the house and not doing anything action, i feel like my brain is turning to jello.

confession: i'm probably the only person who does this, but i like to shower in the dark. not in the pitch dark mind you, but during the day, if for some reason i need to shower, i like to turn off the lights. i think the reason is because showering is one of the few things i do where i don't wear my glasses, and since i can't really see anything anyway (i have very bad nearsightedness), i don't need the light to be on. that makes sense, right? i'm not a complete psycho, am i?

another confession: this is how i style my hair: i take a shower before i go to bed. when i wake up in the morning my hair becomes a brilliant mess but i sort of like it like that. shampoo and then conditioning is definitely important though. my hair in china was often times very flat and not exciting. your hair would be too if you were occasionally forced to use soap as shampoo. now that i'm back and reunited with my full lineup of hair care products, i've noticed a dramatic increase in good hair days.

late in the night i went with my parents to pick up my sister from logan airport, back after a 2 week stint in china (is everyone going to china?) where she visited beijing, chengdu, and shanghai. i just wanted to see what kind of stuff she bought and more importantly, if she got anything for me. i didn't get a ride back to my place until well after 1am in the morning.