eating spicy sichuan wantons, aug. 18th, 2006

no wonder i'm sleepy: i've been awake since 6am this morning. after about 4 hours of sleep last night i woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. coincidentally, i also stopped dreaming about being in hong kong, almost like i've arrived at my destination and it was time to wake up. i turned on the television and started my day with some news.

around noontime i changed into my running clothes and went out for a jog, the first time in at least 3 months. since coming back from my china trip i've lost at least 10 lbs. and i could definitely feel the difference as i was lighter on my feet. however, distance running requires a certain level of stamina for which i completely lack, and it wasn't long before i stopped to a walk, hunched over on the sidewalk, panting, feeling like puking. thankfully i didn't throw up, and made my asterisked 3 mile circuit around the charles river, topless i might add, since the weather today was in the mid-60's (starting to regain my cold weather tolerance).

not sure if it was related to my run or maybe i just sat on it wrong, but after i got back to the house and showered, i felt this pain at the base of my spine, and hobbled around the house the rest of the day.

in the evening weiwei came over to see my china photos. he just recently came back from a long trip as well after having spent over 3 months in taiwan. after he left, i heated up some food my father had delivered earlier during the day and watched the season finale of project runway. the ending came quite abruptly, with not just one elimination, but three, so by the time i found out the winner was the former junkie, i still hadn't recovered from the shocked over the first elimination.