more days!

the client finally delivered all the graphics today, with the sincere hope that i can finish the project by tomorrow morning. this was a project that should've taken a few weeks to code but some how i was expected to complete it in less than 24 hours. i was a little bit angry to say the least, but if the world demands a code miracle before i leave, so be it. fortunately i'd been programming all morning in anticipation of the eventual assets delivery, and when i finally got my hands on the psd files, it was more production than code work. i worked all day but i eventually got it done. there are still a few tweaks that hopefully adam can manage when i'm gone. after the delivery tomorrow morning, i will be in 100% "vacation" mode.

my mother came by in the afternoon with some leftover lunch she made (jiou-tsia huze) and to clean out my fridge of any food that might spoil during the 3 months i'll be gone. i still have weird stuff in there i don't know about from when my sister lived here last spring (expensive organic stuff way past their expiration dates). in the evening i had some hot dogs for dinner. ang tao came home late (did he have dinner already?) and we chatted more about china's one child policy and government corruption. i thought he was an only child (aren't all young chinese people only childs?) but he told me he has a sister back home. i promised i'd take him to market basket and the union square korean market this saturday morning, so he can broaden his food horizon.

tomorrow is my last normal day. i want to do everything.