more days!

i want to savor my last few days in town, doing the everyday mundane things that i will dream about when i'm gone. today i was one step closer to that dream when adam informed me that he'd be willing to take over project N when i'm gone. with that out of the way i felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted. so naturally i had no desire to work and spent the day watching the sky outside grow progressively darker as a intense storm front hovered overhead. the only productive thing i did was to do a load of laundry. i had a jalapeno cream cheese bagel for lunch and some chinese sausages, along with a fistful of blueberries, all washed down with a root beer.

some of my packages came: the external hard drive enclosure and some books from amazon.com. i'm still waiting for my money belt. in the afternoon my mother was taking a trip to market basket and i tagged along to get some groceries (otherwise i would've had to bike, and i didn't want to get caught in the rain). while buying a quarter pound of prosciutto (john miller was my butcher today), i noticed an old lady gazing at me off to the side, seemingly judging me by what kind of sandwich meat i was ordering from the deli. can't a man buy some meat in peace and not me judged? as if her honey-glazed ham was some how better than my selection.

julie came over for the last tuesday night dinner of the summer. i was making vodka sauce ravioli, we ate while watching the all-stars game in the relative comfort of the air-conditioned living room. the NL was leading when julie left, but the AL pulled ahead for the lead in the final inning, giving the red sox home field advantage when we advance to the world series in october. personally i think it's a stupid rule: the team with the most number of wins should get home field advantage. i'll be sure to change it when i become the commissioner of baseball.