a year ago today, i was spending my last day in thailand. i visited the bangkok chinatown again before venturing to the massive weekend market. my last dinner in bangkok was kentucky fried chicken purchased from a nearby mall. at 5am in the morning my taxi arrived and took me to the airport, destination burma.

breakfast noodles

3-wheeled taxi

pink gelatin balls

stir-fried grasshoppers

fried chicks

i was supposed to take jerica to the mt.auburn cemetery to play around with our digital cameras but when i woke up this morning and saw that it was still rainy, i called to cancel. this deluge made for a thoroughly depressing week and this sunday was no exception. i just didn't want to do anything but to stay in the house and watch television. which is exactly what i did. i finally completed my full set of teachers episodes and watched a few. i found out earlier this weekend that NBC canceled the show after a short 6 episode season. am i the only person in the world who liked teachers? the cold weather has also drastically lowered the room temperature inside my house and i walked around the house with cold hands and feet. i backed up some files and did a load of laundry. in the late afternoon i started to plot out a course for my tentative southwestern china trip.

in the early evening my parents and sister came over and we had dinner at zoe's. there was no mention of mother's day with the exception of my mother saying she bought a new purse for herself. the place wasn't very crowded; most of the people waiting downstairs were there to pick up their chinese takeout. back at my place i showed my parents a possible route i'd be taking through china. my father helped me fix my shower head, disassembling the unit and scrubbing out the inside with vinegar - apparently i have hard water and there were mineral deposits clogging up the outflow.

once i've mapped out my route, the next thing to do is to figure out a schedule. i found out today that those two brother and sister won't be spending their summer in boston after all, which means i won't be "evicted" from my place come july, so there's no set date for me to leave on my extended vacation. my mother tried to convince me to only go for a month but i think i'd need 2 months to fully soak in southwestern china. i think the final cost will be around $3000 - $1000 for just the airfare with $1000/month for living expenses.