even the late-blooming mushrooms are cold

spent the day figuring out creative ways to stay warm. putting on extra clothes didn't seemed to help because there was so much moisture in the air, the cold seemed to seep into my bones. my nose was frigid and i could feel the cold air in my lungs whenever i exhaled. i took hot showers to raise my body temperature. food had to be superheated, an additional minute in the microwave for some leftover barbecue. i didn't even want to eat edumame beans but if it meant i could stand over a pot of boiling water, it was worth it. this problem could all be solved if i'd just go down into the basement and restart the furnace - but it's the principle of the matter - right now we're in the middle of spring and i will not turn on my heat. if i did that, it'd mean that the heat would be on for 3 seasons (9 months out of the year).

i'm not really worried about myself - at least i can find ways to stay warm. what i'm most worried about is my pet fish. because there's no heater in the tank, whatever the ambient temperature is will be the temperature of the tank (around 57 degrees). cherry barbs like 68 degrees water temperature or higher. if my fish dies, it'll be my fault.

in the early evening i fell asleep on the couch underneath a normal blanket, dreaming about a heated electric one. outside it started to rain, wet and cold, so the red sox-yankees game was cancelled.

what does being warm feel like? i'm afraid i've forgotten.