this morning i rode the bike to the motorcycle shop in union square to get it inspected. even though there was still a few months left from the last inspection, i figured i'd have to do it sooner or later, so it might as well be now. a motorcycle inspection is nothing more than honking the horn, turning on the lights, and pressing the breaks - all this for $15 and a little sticker that goes on the license plate. i made sure i didn't back into any bikes when i left the shop (something i almost did last year, scared the hell out of the store manager). coming back home, i made a note of the miles on the odometer: 4153 miles. not sure how many miles i covered last year, i think it was 1500 miles. i'll try to beat that amount this year, i already have a 2 months head start.

rest of the day i worked on project P which is due tomorrow, a delivery of 7 interactives, but i think i can only do 6 by tomorrow, and a rough 6, not polished. i also won't be in town the first half of next week so i won't be able to get back to work until a week from today. i'll do a little bit more work tomorrow morning, delivery the project in person via cd-rom, then hopefully take the rest of the day off to enjoy the 70 degrees weather.

i had a hankering for a steak and cheese sub so i went to the pizza shop on mass ave. there were two BMW police motorcycles parked outside and inside were two cops having lunch (neither of them was the one who pulled me over for almost running over an old lady back in october). it must've been city worker day because in the next booth sat 2 postal carriers having lunch as well.

in the evening both julie and my sister called me to look at tonight's moon, a thin crescent hanging in the sky. i went outside and took a few photos, drawing the suspicion of my neighbors. speaking of which, i received a flyer in the mail today about an initiative to form a neighborhood watch. oh my god! that's like my idea! unfortunately i won't be able to make the meeting, but i will be sure to let whoever-in-charge know that i want to be the sheriff and will look online tonight to find a place where i can purchase a taser and a pair of nunchucks.

i had the last of my toaster oven pizza for dinner. for some reason my upstairs neighbors, whom are normally very quiet, were blaring their music. i figured it'd only be for a short period of time, but an hour later it was still loud. i went outside and i could hear it from the street. in all the years i've lived here i've never made a noise complaint, but it was just too much, so i rang the doorbell. no response. i knocked on the door a few times, still no response. i even threw small pebbles on the windows but still nothing. by then i was pretty mad and came inside looking for my neighbor's telephone number so i could call them. wouldn't you know? suddenly they decided to turn the music off. it's not like i have teenagers living upstairs - it's a late middle-age couple. all i know is if this happens again, it's going to be inter-condo warfare. and when i'm made sheriff of the neighborhood watch, don't think for a second that i won't kick down the door and beat them with my self-taught martial art moves.