with a day like today, how can you believe that winter isn't already over? the temperature reached 65 degrees, and our friends in NYC were getting temperatures upwards of 70's. march is a spring month as far as i'm concerned and i'm already gearing myself towards the new season. my spring wardrobe is ready, which looks remarkably similar to my winter wardrobe, just with a lighter jacket. of course having lived in new england for too long, we know that the weather can be unpredictable. there could just as easily be another blizzard in the forecast for the near future, but call me an optimist, i'm saying good bye to winter and hello to spring.

today was a lowkey day for me. for some reason i thought there was a deadline today so i was on high gear for most of the week, fixing programming bugs. turns out the deadline isn't until next week, so i think i'm already ahead of schedule at this point. with this nice warm spring weather, and with my workload being light, there was no doubt i would be out taking another stab at running again.

a t-shirt and shorts were all i needed. once again i had that same stamina problem i had last week. i felt heavy (which is entirely true, it's not a question of if i put on any extra weight this winter, but a question of how much) and ran slowly. the warmth definitely helped though, i didn't feel like the inside of my lungs were frozen, which gave me less reasons to turn back around. i stopped a few blocks before reaching the charles river and walked the rest of the way until i crossed memorial drive. by the time i got there i was warm enough to consider going topless, but those cruel winter months have left me ashamed of my body and i didn't dare risk it. in the water i saw a pair of canada geese and a red-breasted merganser. half way around the river i was passed by a fat white girl which was slightly demoralizing - in my defense, she looked to be a harvard field hockey player, and all that extra padding was probably muscles anyway. i stop before the eliot bridge and walked to where the water fountain used to be (they take it down during the cold season) before running out the rest of the way. my legs were tired and at one point i felt them unbuckling.

walking the rest of the way back home, i did a lot of squinting for some reason, like i wanted to let people know, "hey, i just ran 3 miles (asterisked, with stops), and i'm squinting because i feel like a bad ass." i got back, took a hot shower, then finished out the rest of the day working.

in the evening my father came over briefly with a dropoff of some food items (including dinner). i soaked in the tub for an hour with the latest issue of entertainment weekly before coming out just in time to catch the season finale of battlestar galactica. by the time i got to the shocking ending after 1:30, i felt like throwing up. "i'm gaius baltar. president of the colonies...on behalf of the people of the twelve colonies...i surrender." new season starts in october - it's going to be a long 7 months!