i went with bruce today, in town this week, to the galleria mall. we drove dennis and susan's saab while they're still away in hawaii. we circled the blocks a few times before finding a spot for our cambridge residential parking enabled car. bruce had to pick up some missing towels and we both bought socks. i made my way to the apple store and fondled some of the cinema displays. we also went to cvs, where i wanted to get some new moisturizer for my skin, but faced with the daunting task of find the right match, i decided not to get anything after all. we stopped at the star market before coming back, both of us loading up on sodas, bruce with his fresca, me with my barq's root beer.

jack came over in the afternoon, asked if i could help a friend of his in taiwan scan some diplomas that he didn't bother picking up when he went to school here in boston. since i don't have a scanner, i had to resort to just using the digital camera. he'd just gotten off of his shift so was still dressed up in work clothes. while waiting for the files to upload, he used the bathroom, but kept on asking if i had a strong toilet: turns out the toilet at his place got clogged from potential misuse.

for dinner i ate the leftover chinese food from friday and saturday. something didn't quite agree with me and i had a reaction (not all cases of food roulette are happy endings). if i had to pinpoint the cause of my upset, i'd say the pig intestines from taiwan cafe.

in the evening i watched hostel on my computer. the halogen bulb in the lamp was broken so i had to watch this horror movie in the dark, which made it far scarier than it should've been. great movie, gory as hell, can't wait to see eli roth's next feature film. i forgot tonight's 24 was a special 2 parter, so i missed the first hour (don't think i missed too much though). deadly nerve gas is released in CTU headquarter! good bye edgar - he deserved to die for sending that hot chick to her doom earlier in the episode.

finally, if only the dvd version of nigella lawson's cooking show would come out here in america, i wouldn't have to resort to shady means to obtain it! it took me several days but i finally got the whole series. it's true: i spend my free time downloading food porn from the internet. and by the way, giada de laurentiis is the poor man's nigella.