my life is on an 8 hour cycle. everyday i work for 8 hours, then i rest for 8 hours, then i sleep for 8 hours. however, today i'm on a 10-6-8 cycle, with work taking an extra 2 hours of my time. the client is concerned that i still have over a dozen bugs left and the deadline is tomorrow night. "will you be able to finish?" i don't know how to answer that, like being asked to predict the future. certainly my life would be a lot easier if i had the power to prognosticate when i'll be done - but sadly i'm limited to just my 5 senses. of course i want to finish on time, but bugs take a while to track down then finally fix. some can be done in minutes, while others take hours. i've already worked to capacity today, but it's almost midnight and i could squeeze in a few more hours of work, but that's just sick and i rather get a good night's sleep then be all tired tomorrow morning.

my other clients (C, B, N, and P) have started buzzing again. it starts with e-mail messages which will escalate into phone calls and will lead to more work on my plate. i'm just fortunate they didn't come at me earlier in the week, when i had zero time available. as long as i don't have to work over the weekend. i hate that. i absolutely detest it when clients drop little hints, like, "call me this weekend if you have any questions." why would i do that? oh, unless you think i'm working this weekend. which i'm not. i'm letting all future clients know that if i have to do any weekend work, i'm charging double. weekends are sacred, and i fully expect to observe these holy days by not working.

during that 10 hour period of work today i took a break around noontime to take a shower and to have some soup from a can. once i was done with work, i took another shower, kind of a symbolic cleansing (plus, it's one of the few ways i can stay warm). haven't touched the playstation in a few days (i've been that busy) but tonight i got a chance to roll a few katamaris. for dinner i made some ramen. the only time i left the house today was to take out the trash.