even though the deadline got pushed back a few days, i still managed to observe this president's day by working a full 10 hours. there's still a bit of pressure but the valve's definitely been released a little bit. the only thing i'm afraid of is if starting tomorrow my other clients bombard me with work; i just want to focus on one client at a time. i was surprised UPS wasn't closed today when i heard a loud knock on my door; suhan's dell laptop finally arrived. he was out with my father and they dropped by briefly to pick up the machine. i got a chance to see it out of the box, it's exciting even though it's not my machine.

in the evening i played around with a few more numbers in my taxcut software. i forgot to enter all my utilities (a percentage of which can be deducted due to my home office) and i discovered that company X sent me a 1099 form for work that i did in 2004 and already paid taxes on. i've whittled down from what i thought to be $5000 in owed taxes to now just around $2000. later tonight i'll print everything out and be done with it.

how do we know the new bad guy on 24 is super bad? because in the first minute of tonight's episode he kills off the previous bad guy, that's how! jack puts curtis in a sleeper hold (it's been a long time coming) and then later bad guys in a helicopter shoot at him. not sure who's more annoying: sam the hobbit or the POTUS? can't be i'm actually rooting for chloe to save the day by feeding essential decrypted information to jack's hand dandy PDA.

my oh toes! i don't like to wear socks but i have no choice these days; it's been so cold in my house, i don't think i have frostbite on my toes, but it's a close cousin. there's no discoloration but sometimes they're itchy and painful. now the first thing i do in the morning is to put on some socks.