i've got amazing writer's block tonight. interesting things definitely happened today, but right now i'm just trying to piece them together in my head and make it into a coherent narrative. i may fail miserably. everyday there's a story, a beginning, a middle, and an end. except today's story is kind of vague, more a student film than a summer blockbuster.

in this movie the hero (played by me) is working hard all day. every hour he goes to use the bathroom, which only reminds him that he has to drink more fluids (he drinks 1 glass of water a day when he should be drinking 8). aside from coding, he's also answering e-mails from many different clients, as well as taking their phone calls. he appears to be making total sense but he's really just faking it. he discovers a bug in director that causes a fatal error when HTML text is changed from within a hyperlinkclicked command: he fixes it by updating the HTML from an enterframe handler (the hero realizes this might be too technical hence boring so he moves on). in the afternoon he receives a computer delivery for a project (it's a fast and sexy machine that unfortunately has to be returned by tomorrow). in a master stroke of pure genius, he takes the keyboard and connects it to his own PC, which allows him to tap into the BIOS and adjust the computer so it can run in UDMA mode on the secondary IDE/ATA interface. the operation is a success and he's able to listen to a cd without any skips on his secondary disc drive.

the hero, having recently acquires some money, is preoccupied with spending it in creative ways during his spare time. he scours craig's list daily for cheap ibook/powerbooks for sale ($600-700 maximum, 1.3ghz at least), as well as bargain-basement priced nikon coolpix 4500 cameras (he loves the 4500 so much, he must acquire another one in case the first camera should ever die). sometimes he also searches for canon lenses but they are too expensive to buy. in the end, he buys a brand new 300gb internal hard drive for $100 and an USB/firewire enclosure for $40 (both items for his father).

the hero has also decided to cook dinner tonight (instead of just foraging in the fridge and picking out a stouffer's toaster oven french bread pizza). he's decided to once again make some chili sweet potato fries and clam chowder. the cooking goes as planned and our hero escapes unscathed, although he did manage to poke myself a few times with the knife while cutting the sweet potatoes. his cutting kung-fu is not very good; it's only a matter of time before he loses a finger.

thursday night we find the hero glued to the WB network. never really a superman fan, this season the hero can't get enough of smallville. maybe it's because of lois lane (erica durance). that's followed by beauty and the geek - with so few contestants left, the show is starting to get a little boring. thank god america's next top model cycle 6 will be starting next month!