a bit of good news on an otherwise typical monday: last friday i called up canon to ask if they received my broken lens yet which i sent out about 2 weeks ago. even though from the tracking number i knew it'd already arrived, when i talked to one of the representatives on the phone, she told me there was no record of it in their database. so i was afraid maybe they lost my package, but i got an e-mail from canon this morning:

We have received your equipment for evaluation and repair. Based on our initial examination, we will start the necessary repairs at no charge to you. You can expect the repair to be completed and returned back to you within approximately 7 business days from the date shown above. There is no need to respond to this notice.

the EF-S 18-55mm is a good lens, going from a wide-angle to a 3x zoom. it's also smaller than the 28-105mm i'm using now and i'll happy once it comes back from the canon factory.

i went out for a walk around sunset, just to take a look at the dramatic clouds forming in the sky. it was brisk and i keep blowing into my hands to stay warm. earlier today there was some sunshine snow combination, almost like the weather couldn't decide to do.

monday night means 24, and i watched while eating my toaster oven pizza. what did we learn tonight? if a terrorist promises you that he won't kill you, that probably means you're dead. jack wants kim at CTU! but they can't find her. my prediction: she's at the mall where the terrorist are going to release the deadly nerve gas. and i totally knew that sex slave girl in the penthouse was somehow going to get her revenge by killing her pedophile.