working crazy hours always makes me forget what day of the week it is. i've been working so many days of crazy hours that a 15 hour work day actually seemed kind of short; the magic number is anything beyond 20 hours, and if you can do 24+ hours, they should erect a statue in your honor. still, i'm not angry, just happy that the worst of it is over, quietly enjoying that post-delivery high for the next, oh, 30 minutes, before i go to bed.

weatherwise, today was an utterly miserable day. just barely above freezing with a wet fog that covered the landscape, the kind of day that made me glad i don't have to commute to work. however, i did venture out briefly, down to the corner of mass avenue and garfield street, to take some photos (which later i printed out) for my moving violation defense tomorrow morning. i've never contested a ticket before, and the idea of facing a magistrate to plead my innocence even though i sort of think i was guilty is going to be a weird experience. in any case, even if i lose, i'll dedicate the money i made today to pay for my $200 fine and my eventually spike in motorcycle insurance.

because the mushrooms are only growing on one side, i wonder if i should turn them? but i don't want to mess with something that's already working. i can't wait to taste my first oyster mushroom! i'm afraid i'll be hooked the instant i have my first bite, and then i'll spend the rest of the summer rummaging through the forest looking for more wild mushrooms to eat.

i took an hour long break around 9pm to eat some toaster oven pizza and to watch the latest episode of 24. is it just me or did you also want jack bauer to cut that guy's eye out? once again, i want to reiterate my secret wish to have that lame president get killed off this season. if i could rewrite the storyline, jack bauer would stab the president and take over the white house for himself. and if anyone tried to stop him, he'll do one of his patented moves and take them out as well.