it's midnight already. it's midnight already and i have 8 more hours of work. it's midnight already and i have 8 more hours of work but i went to bed last night at 8am in the morning because i had too much caffeine and sugar in my system and woke up 2 hours later at 10am to work again. something's got to give. i've already bought myself so much time already but it's still not enough. i'm typing with my eyes nearly closed. i'm exhausted. i can't work anymore. deadline by damned, promised will be broken, after this i'm going to bed. it's been a long continuous stretch, days merging into days, and i think i'm going to crash. floss, brush my teeth, then crash.

55mm macro (with 550d close-up lens)

260mm macro (with 550d close-up lens)

nikon coolpix 4500 macro

i sent that broken lens back to canon for servicing, my canon close-up lens (actually just a filter) arrived today, i had a salmon bagel for lunch, and in the evening i met eliza, jerica, and shauna for their friend alison's reading at the enormous room in central square. alison read 3 articles she wrote about dating; the one i liked the best was the one about mediocre dates. during the intermission, i talked with shauna about her experience living in nepal. later, we went to the falalel palace and get some middle eastern food. eliza, de facto role model, talked to us about the pleasures of quicken, and i admired jerica's stylish white coat. when i came back home i watched the episode of 24 i'd taped.