wednesday already? ah shucks, yo! why can't it be monday? i wish this week would never ever end, so i can work and work and work. i'm not being sarcastic, i'm just in a coding groove right now, throwing down the mad lingo like a macromedia mix master. i've got a case of the smarts this week and i don't want to let go. was it the way i slept? something i ate? maybe some good music? whatever it was, whatever it is, i just want to turn back the clock and start this week all over again, high five myself for a job well done. for the most part the clients have left me alone; that's how i'm at my best, when i interactive with the clients very little or none at all. how do they if i'm finished? i'm setting up smoke signals in my backyard, who cares if nosy neighbors get suspicious if there's a big bonfire burning brightly?

the weather today was terrible, rainy and windy, i thought the house was going to collapse at one point, or at least a few trees would be toppled. i had a glint in my eye when i thought about what funny photo ops of people getting their hat blown off or their umbrellas inverted, but the idea of getting my camera soaked made me think better of heading outside to grab some snapshots.

julie came over in the evening and made subs from the leftover meatballs she made on friday. i showed her the new camera, which she said is great because now she'll know when i'm taking photos because she can hear the shutter snapping. i introduced her to beauty and the geek 2 (an encore episode) then we watched project runway, the episode where the designers made figure skating outfits. i think chloe had the best dress, the blue waves/scales/ripples. during that time julie installed some adobe software on her pismo powerbook and got fire (the multi-protocol IM client) to work on her machine.

i also realized something tonight: my photos lack a certain vibrancy that i see in my catalogs but not after i process the images (e.g. resize them for the web). i think the problem is i've been using the wrong color profile. from now on i'm going to embed the color profile information (sRGB) into the photos, hopefully make them a little better. i'm not sure if this is just the case for my canon, or whether or not i should've been embedding the profiles for my nikon images as well. see the difference for yourself:

no embedded profile*

embedded sRGB profile*

and congratulations to cymara and dan and their new daughter clarissa!

* apparently this only really matters on the mac platform. i'm seeing this comparison on the PC for the first time and they look the same...