despite working all day, i still found time to get some cooking done for lunch. i made vodka sauce pasta again, only because i still had a quarter pound of prosciutto sitting in my fridge that i had to use up. i went across the street to pick up some missing ingredients, came back home, rolled up my sleeves, and started cooking. once i filled up with food, it was back to work.

hot vodka sauce rigatoni

an inexhaustive list of bugs is what i'm facing. it's demoralizing, no matter how many i fix, more seem to appear. the whole system is now set up so that i get e-mail updates everytime another bug shows up in the dabatase. it's gotten to the point where the "ding" of a new message makes me cringe because i'm afraid it's more bad news. i told the client about my concerns tonight but they seem to be happy with the progress thus far. i'm just trying to make it to this thursday deadline, and then i can take a quick sigh before moving onto a few other projects waiting in the wing. because i've been so busy, this week really seems to be going by quickly.

some updates: (1) the lexar firewire card reader arrived on saturday. although it's faster than my usb reader, it's not amazingly faster. the design is sort of clunky, a dangling wire and a flimsy plastic cover. now the problem isn't with the reader but with my ibook: photo sizes have gotten a lot bigger and my circa 2001 500mhz G3 ibook really chugs now. dreaming of a new machine... (2) i knew it wouldn't take long before i started spending again. last night i bought a close-up lens ($85) for my camera; it's called a "lens" but it's really just a magnifying filter that screws onto the front of a normal lens. hopefully this will allow me to get better macros with the canon. (3) i am a few ingredients shy of making tiramisu finally. i got another container of mascarpone cheese so all i need now is a cup of espresso and some bitter cocoa. i'll probably make it tomorrow during lunch. (4) i am halfway finished reading the world is flat book - it's my bathroom book, so i get through about 3-10 pages a day depending on what kind of day it is.

i had some leftover pasta for dinner. gilmore girls followed by scrubs then law & order: SVU.