i couldn't fall back asleep last night so i woke up at 6am and started coding. i didn't even notice when the sun finally rose and it was no longer dark outside. 6 hours later i finally stopped working around noon, fixing myself some ramen for lunch and getting ready to go over to dan's place to help him move. john, arriving from new york city, was enroute from poter square as soon as i headed out the door.

i came in through the side door when i saw elias and dan outside moving a large piece of furniture along the side of the building. dan was just moving to the apartment directly next door (within the same condo complex); his landlord asked them if they wanted to switch to a place with a newly renovated kitchen and reduced rent for a month. i helped them out, lifting with my whole body, not just my legs but also my back, in a haphazard twisting-jerking motion that's probably going to give me some back pains tomorrow. when john showed up soon afterwards, he joined in the move-apalooza fun. cyamara, nearly 8 months pregnant, help carry the smaller items. we used both the side entrance doors outside and the hallway doors inside.

punim showed up later, with the pizzas arriving soon afterwards. we moved the fish tank and the projection tv before diving into the italian pies. after we ate, we moved the rest of the stuff. i left at 6pm, thanking dan for the privilege of lifting some heavy objects with the other burly men (and one pregnant woman and her friend) and getting some exercise.

when i came home i saw that one of my fish had died. instead of floating up to the surface though, it sank to the bottom of the tank. what does that mean? is it murder? even though i still have two left, i'm surprised they've lasted this long (almost 2 years!). to be honest, i sort of hope they'll die soon so i can get new fish. cherry barbs are kind of tired. maybe i can raise some shrimps in a freshwater seaweed garden.

i met amanda for dinner at tamarind house. i'm normally a slow eater, but i talked so much that i became the world's slowest eater. amanda told me about her stint working in japan, while i entertained her with my layoff stories. she thought i looked japanese, and when i involuntarily bowed to our waiter, that only furthered her suspicions. i said "thank you" in thai to another waiter before we left, who seemed to be slightly confused, but replied back in thai (maybe i forgot to wai). later amanda and i went to starbucks for some drinks. the place was still bustling so late in the evening (a few hipsters looked at us from behind the glow of laptop screens). after confiding in her about my personal intolerance of caffeine, who both went with decaffeinated beverages. perhaps a result of the placebo effect, my stream-of-consciousness rantings reached a fever pitch and i revealed the existence of my weblog. when the store closed, we walked back to her car where i got a ride home.

i just realized that i've been awake since 1am last night. i haven't slept for 24 hours. it's time to seriously crash. there is no tomorrow though. there is only the fluttering heart palpatations of one last day of coding before sucklanta.