if only today's weather would've cooperated and remained cold, i wouldn't be tempted to not do any work. but unfortunately the temperature went up to 65 degrees today, so my mind wandered. it didn't wander too much, because i still managed to get some code done. the client wouldn't stop calling for some reason, almost like they were checking up on me, making sure i was still working. i gave them just enough answers and asked them just enough questions to sound like i was very busy. at the end of the day, the project manager even suggested that he or the boss come visit me at my place a few more times during the week to offer more feedback. "why would you want to do that?" i asked. "why don't i just send you the files and you can check them in your office instead." it's hard enough working from home, where the line between business and personal life gets blurred; i can't afford to have the client constantly visiting me as well (when there really isn't any need). i don't know what it is; sometimes they seem to be fine with the work i'm doing, other times it feels like they would rather look over my shoulder the whole day.

with the weather so nice, it'd be a shame not to take advantage of it. so in the afternoon i went running. the pain of exercise made me feel better. i came home and showered then went back to work again.

by evening i heard a loud urgent knock on my door. who the hell could that be? i thought to myself angrily, looking outside. turns out it was the UPS guy with my dell computer delivery! i wasn't expecting it to arrive until next week, so it's a real surprise. it came with a 16" CRT monitor which i have no use for (i already have a 19" CRT). likewise, i didn't need the mouse or keyboard since i was going to attach this pc to my KVM switch. the first thing i did before i hooked everything up was to crack open the case and look inside. the dimension 1100 has the graphic card integrated into the motherboard - so no AGP or PCIe port. that's going to suck when i want to install a new video card so i can play doom 3 (although there are PCI cards). the one thing i've never seen before is a big green exhaust for the fan. after i powered up the machine, i spent the next hour uninstalling software i didn't need, all sorts of trialware and corporate tie-ins (AOL, netzero, musicmatch). i was tempted to just wipe the drive and reinstall the system but the install cd probably still has all these crapware. on a whim, i installed some software that made XP look more mac-like, but it got kind of weird using windows with an OS X interface so i switched it back.

this is only the 2nd pc i've ever owned. my first pc was an DIY job that i bought from a guy on craig's list a few years ago. it was an emergency, i needed a pc right away for work purposes, and i spent $250 for an 800mhz machine. there are mac people and there are pc people; as for me, i'm a little bit of both. each system has its pros and cons, and to say that one is better than the other shows a lack of computer savvy. the work i do, when i have to build something cross-platform, has forced me to use both platforms. i grew up with the mac. sure, i had my apple IIc, and before that i had a timex-sinclair (used audio tapes to back up the data), but i've been a mac user since 1986. i like playing around with the pc, but i have no passion for wintel, not like the passion i have for macs. yet i wouldn't say i'm exclusively a mac person, and i'm definitely not a mac snob. i like to see apple sell a complete system - computer and monitor - for just $300! which is how much i paid for my dell dimension.

and what's a quiet evening without at least one freak out? going into the kitchen, i turned on the lights and saw something dart across the floor and disappear. i screamed. even though i didn't get a good look at it, i knew it was a mouse. earlier today i found some droppings in my bedroom when i went to open the window. that made be suspicious and worried that i might have a mouse. and then tonight i saw one with my very own eyes, so there can't be any doubt now. about 2 years ago i saw a mouse in my house as well. always during the winter, never any other season. i don't mind really, they're just looking for shelter from the cold weather, the place is big enough for me and a mouse or two, as long as i don't see them running around. i try not to leave food out anyway, maybe they'll get bored and go to one of my neighbors.