the client called me this morning, asking if i'd be willing to work weekends and nights now that the deadline is fasting approaching. i was going to anyway, but when the client expects me to do it, and reminds me to do it, i don't want to do it anymore. the client also asked if i had anything for them to test (despite the fact that the audio files were just delivered to me today). "yeah, monday morning," i said. sensing some hesitation, i jokingly said, "what, do you want something today?" "yeah," was the reply. logistically there's all sorts of problems, besides the distance (it'd take me an hour to drive down to deliver the software and hardware), i also didn't have the time because i couldn't spare the hours (since i needed to be at home coding). so we agreed that after work, somebody from the office would drive up to cambridge and pick up the package for testing. i then spent the rest of the day feverishly trying to put together something. by late afternoon i was finished, and somebody from the client's office did come by around 5pm to pick up the hardware and sofware. temporarily at least, i was off the hook.

i went with julie to an art gallery opening in the south end. her cousin whom she hasn't seen for over a decade was one of the featured artists, something about painting on bare walls, styles ranging from urban grafitti to traditional mural art. the place was packed with artsy people and would make for some great photo opps if i was given the opportunity to roam around - instead, i was stuck with julie the whole time while she chatted with her long-lost relatives (conversations i had no interests in, but i pretended like i cared just to be polite), and by the time they finished, i was in the mood to leave. if nothing else, at least it got me out of the house on this cold night, despite the fact that i was bored out of my mind.

we had dinner next door at picco. perhaps my expectations were low, but the calzone (in the shape of a mammoth cocoon) i ordered was actually impressively delicious, a mixture of roasted garlic, goat cheese, and ground sausage.

at back bay station i bumped into eliza, just getting out of work. she didn't seem to recognize me at first; her face was very serious, and i almost thought she was crying for some reason - but when i called her name she broke out of her trance. "i didn't see you, i was just looking at that hat," pointing to julie's head, the same hat that earlier i'd been making fun of. when the outbound train arrived eliza left us. julie and i made our way back to somerville-cambridge.

when i got home i couldn't believe how warm it was inside the house (despite the heat only set to 60 degrees). so of course i immediately start stripping down to just a t-shirt and my underwear, and very quickly it felt cold again. i crawled on the couch to watch some television, felt a little sleepy, figured i'd just late a short nap, and didn't wake up until 5 hours later. i went to go brush my teeth and went to my bedroom to sleep.