schematic diagram for removing
the rear wheel on a motorcycle

i am not looking forward to this weekend because i think i may have to work. there's just not enough hours in the day for me to finish everything, and with my propensity for procrastination, as i approach the deadline day (the day after thanksgiving), i'm starting to get that awful crunching feeling. hopefully tomorrow i can get in a good day's worth of coding (burn an incense to the gods of lingo) and make some progress.

god knows that wasn't the case today. my sleep was interrupted by a phone call from julie telling me about a ginormous earthworm she just saw and kicking herself for not having a camera to document the vermiculating monstrosity. i didn't go back to sleep but woke up to do a little bit of work before i went out to run errands for several hours. i first went to costco to get some supplies for the cafe, then i went to the bank to deposit a check (worth 3 mortgage payments!), before getting some late lunch at bruegger's bagel (i had the salmon sandwich with capers and onions, my favorite). part of my street was closed for paving. the gigadesign order finally arrived (i'll install it into my father's machine tomorrow night).

by the time i was done with all that it was already 3pm, and there's just something about my need for daylight in order to work, so as soon as it started getting dark, i lost my motivation and rationalized some sort of excuse to call it a day. of course it didn't help the situation that julie called me to ask for a ride down to the repair shop so she could pick up her fixed car. when i got back home again, there was no way i was working, and i crawled into bed to watch some television, almost following asleep. i ate the rest of my leftover ravioli for dinner, and reheated last night's stew and had all the rest of the beef nuggets.