i woke up at 6am this morning to take jawei to the airport with my father. last night jawei had already packed up his stuff and left them near the front door. when my father arrived, we left for boston. the airport was surprisingly empty and calm, so quiet it felt more like a church than a transportation hub. we said our good byes, even though my father would see jawei in a few days when my parents go back to taiwan to visit my grandfather. we watched as jawei went through security and disappeared around a corner. no sooner then after jawei left, we were back at my place, disassembling his room. my father took all the hardware, the computer and the television, while i washed all the blankets and bedsheets. jawei had left some things behind, including all his class notes, his towels, and an assortment of toiletries, including his salt-flavored toothpaste.

after my father left, i went back to sleep for about an hour before waking up again to work. for the next 10 hours i'd be working non-stop, production work the first half of the day, code work the other half. it wasn't difficult, there's just a lot of stuff to do, and with the graphics delivered to me last night and the deadline on wednesday, i'm supposed to do about 2 weeks' worth of work in under 2 days. i'm on the verge of another 4-letter-word tirade, but i'm going to save my energy. is it somehow my fault? maybe i have to be more vocal to the client and let them know that logistically it's impossible for me to finish on time. i think it's funny they think i work on weekends and nights, like every friday they leave me their home number and ask me to call if i have any questions. i think their assumption and my reality exist in two different dimensions. after this is all over, i wouldn't mind taking a short one week cheap vacation somewhere (although i'd probably use that money to buy a digital SLR or ungrade my hardware).

i finally stopped working at 8pm, heated up a television meal in the microwave, and watched some surface followed by prison break. maybe i'll go take a bath, something to help my unwind. i still have that slight cough and when was the last time i went running? i feel particularly unhealthy.

now with jawei gone, the place feels very empty. as much as i like living alone, there are times when i want a roommate, to have somebody to talk to. when you work from home, it really cuts you off from human social interaction. and when you live alone, it compounds the situation. i could probably go a week or more without seeing another person. slowly, surely, i am becoming a recluse, not by design, but through circumstances.

mexican jumping beans! yes!